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Summer Dance CAMP
Temple Hills

The NDC Summer DANCE CAMP program offers non-stop dance training and fun 5 full days per week. Students learn vocabulary and master technical dance skills in various popular dance styles. Students participate in weekly arts/crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, water play, and enrichment. NDC offers a clean, safe, and loving environment with experienced teachers. We ensure and adhere to safety guidelines throughout the season. All students in the summer camp will participate in the Summer Dance Showcase on August 13th at Bowie Center of the Performing Arts.

Level Placement Assessment Required

Level 1- Ages 4-5 (Beginner) 3 dances

Level 2- Ages 6-8 (Intermediate) 3 dances

Level 3- Ages 9-11 (Intermediate Advanced) 4 dances

Level 4- Ages 12-14 (Advanced Beginner) 4 dances

Mon-Fri 9AM-4:00PM

Ages: 4-14

7 weeks of training and fun!

June 19-August 11th (closed on July 3rd-7th)

Before Care 7:30-9am 

Aftercare 4pm-6pm 

Featured Dance Styles: Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling/Acro, Hip-Hop

*Field Trip every other Friday

*Snack and continental breakfast included

*Part-time schedule available (3 days per week minimum)

*NDC class uniform required (Black leotard/biketard, pink ballet shoes, black biker shorts, and sneakers)

*Lunch from home is required


  • Registration- $75 (due at time of registration)

  • Weekly Rate: $170.00 (due Friday before ea. week begins)

  • Daily Rate: $45 per day (day before care begins. Registration required)

  • Before Care/After Care 7:30-9am & 4PM-6PM ($30 per week additional)

  • Activity Fee: $175.00 per child (due June 9th) includes camp shirt

  • Costume Fee: $75 per costume (due July 14th)

  • Summer Performance Fee: $100 (due August 1)

  • Summer performance required (August 13th, 2023)

  • Tickets to shows are sold separately on JULY 15th

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